Australian Outback photos by Ann Britton

The Outback has a language of its own. This ancient land of wide open spaces, funny looking creatures and a distinctive natural light, is my backyard. As an Outback photographer, I want to share my deep connection with this land. To showcase her rugged, natural and enduring beauty. The spirit of her people. The bush way of life. From my lens to your heart. I’m Ann Britton, Australian Outback photographer. And this is where I live.

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outback dusk photos

Dawn / Dusk

I was only 15 when I moved to Brunette Downs, one of the biggest cattle properties in Australia. It was here I photographed my first Outback sunset and sunrise. I was in love and have been photographing them ever since.

australian outback aerial photos


This ancient land tells a never-ending story. And as the oldest land on the planet, she has quite the story to tell. Wide open spaces, ancient mountains worn down by the sands of time, a quiet world teeming with life.

astrophotography photos


There’s no better place to take astrophotography photos than the Australian Outback. Our night skies are adorned with stars and celestial bodies you just cannot see anywhere else in the world.

wildlife stock photos

Animals & Wildlife

The Aussie outback is home to some of the world’s most uniquely breathtaking creatures. It’s also home to the animals that keep our economy thriving. Each has its own beauty, captured in powerful images of movement, flight and sometimes fancy.

australian farming photos

In the Paddock

Sharing my Australian farming photos is so important. Important to me. Important to the industry. Important to my community. These photos show the world the real people of the Outback.

Ann Britton – Australian Outback photographer

G’day my name is Ann.

I’m a photographer living and working on the family property ‘Goodwood’, near the tiny country town of Boulia. That’s about 360kms west of Winton, 300km south of Mount Isa and about 1700 kms north-west of Brisbane.

So yep. I’m the real deal. I’m a fair dinkum, you beaut, living the dream, Australian Outback photographer. I don’t pop out here every few years to take some snaps then head back into the big smoke.

This land is my land. I live, breathe and work it every single day.

I understand her. We understand each other.

I want to share my love of the outback and the bush way of life in photographs. Capturing the natural light of this amazing country is what drives and challenges me. Showcasing her wide open spaces and big skies is what keeps me wanting more.
Welcome to where I live.

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Outback Gallery

As my photographs are available in a range of mediums, you can take my lens and truly make it your own.

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My Sourdough Journey

My soul purpose of writing this blog is to get others baking sourdough, or helping others with a few tips to help their sourdough journey, more easily than my first few months of failures.

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Long eared cuteness overload

Let me summarise our Outback beef business in 1200 words, give or take a few, using cute calf photos. A fantastic season with wonderful feed makes for opportunities of growth while looking after the soil and animals.

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