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Choppers for Mustering

Our mustering chopper/s are based in Boulia …5km as the crow flies from the Goodwood house…on this nice calm winter morning, you could hear the choppers long before you could see them. We normally only use one chopper, but since this muster was at Mudgeacca in amongst the Hamilton Channels, we used two choppers for this muster.

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My Story

Just after I turned 15, I moved from Brisbane to the Outback and on to one of the biggest cattle properties in Australia, Brunette Downs in the Northern Territory. This is where my love of photography was born. I felt I needed to not only learn the workings of a cattle station, but to capture on film, images of the station and inland Australia. Those images I could then share with others, while reliving and telling the stories of outback station life.

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