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Ann Britton – Outback Photographer

Moved to the Outback, and onto one of Australia’s biggest cattle properties, at the tender age of 15.

She lives near the small country town of Boulia. Population: 301 people. No, it really doesn’t get much smaller than 301 people.
Other than being the home of renowned Outback Photographer, Ann Britton,

Boulia is also home to the (in)famous Min Min lights.
Ann is a self-taught photographer.

Not a day goes by when Ann doesn’t take a photo.

Ann has two adult children, Thomas and Claire, and runs the successful cattle property ‘Goodwood’ with husband Rick and their daughter, Claire.

Meet The Outback Photographer, Ann Britton

Since moving to the bush, Ann’s camera has become her best friend. The beauty of the outback is her first love.

Over the years, as she shared her love of photography with family and friends, she was supported and encouraged to sell her art. Allowing the world to share in the splendour of Outback Australia.

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets (so different to the coastal areas of Australia). Preening cockies. Vast blue sky landscapes. Ragged mountain ranges. If the iconic words of Dorothea McKellar’s ‘My Country’ spring to mind, it’s for good reason.

What Dorothea captured so beautifully in words, Ann captures just as powerfully in images.

With a camera in her hand for more than 30 years, Ann knows how to capture the beauty and vastness of the Outback. And those who brave her warm arms and wild moods.

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When the rains come to the Outback

In the Outback, there’s two distinct seasons – the wet and the dry.

Knowing and appreciating the land (and weather patterns) gives Ann, being a local outback photographer, a wonderful advantage.

When the rains do come, Ann knows the perfect places to capture the beauty of The Outback as she welcomes the rains once again.

As water starts running through dry river beds, sometimes becoming floods. When young, green plants sprout from the once dry, barren earth. Trees all but groaning with delight as they soak up precious water. Birds gather from near and far to bathe and eat. Animals wandering in, finally with somewhere to drink, swim and play.

Ann’s photography captures every moment, as if you’re there, and tells the beautiful story of life in the Outback.


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Ann’s camera

I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the amazing colours of the country and skies, as I see them, in their natural glory.

I have two Nikon cameras. A D810 (nicknamed Bad Boy) and a D700 (nicknamed Princess).

I don’t use any coloured filters or enhancements and cropping and editing is kept to a minimum. I see true beauty in my landscape whether it is in ‘droughts or flooding rains’.

Where you may have seen Ann Britton’s work

“In the Neighbourhood” exhibition was held at the Outback Regional Gallery Winton in 1999.

“Visions of the Heart of Outback Women” together with Carol Anderson, Radha Blacket, Suzanne Hand and Karen Robinson, at the Outback Regional Gallery in 2003. This exhibition also hung in the Boulia Min Min Encounter in the Jan Eckford Memorial Hall, and at the Mount Isa Civic Centre and Outback, Mount Isa.

In 2006, at both the Outback Regional Gallery and the Jan Eckford Memorial Hall, I held my solo exhibition called “Home.”

In 2009, one of my photos was awarded runner up in the Q150 Capture Queensland Competition in the My Queensland category. Four others short listed.

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