Australian farming photos

When you live on a remote cattle property, the nearest town is a tiny place called Boulia (population 301) and the closest major town is 300kms away, your community is everything. And out here, everything means exactly that. Everything.

The minute your community is everything, you want to show it off and protect it, all at the same time. 

I fell in love with the Australian Outback when I found myself on a huge Northern Territory cattle station at the tender age of 15. While I never saw myself running a successful cattle property or growing a business as an Outback photographer, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d become a spokesperson for the Australian agricultural community. All agricultural businesses, but mostly the livestock industry.

Like the Outback itself, it’s greatly misunderstood.

I photograph a lone cow standing guard and waiting for her newborn to find its feet in this world. 

I capture the powerful beauty of a winding mass of cattle, moving as one, dust and dirt swirling in their wake. 

Then there’s this really good looking bloke I see a lot. A modern day stockman. Sturdy, strong and weathered by the land he loves so much. 

Farming and fences. Cows and calves. Bucking broncos and billy tea. 

Sharing my Australian farming photos is so important. Important to me. Important to the industry. Important to my community. 

These photos show the world the real people of the Outback. The people I live with, laugh with and love.