Astrophotography photos

Since time immemorial, humans have looked up and gazed at the stars in awe. 

For most of human history, the stars in the sky have guided travellers on land and across oceans. Shooting stars and meteorites have been viewed as either harbingers of doom or foretold the birth of very important people. To this day, we sing to our children of stars twinkling in the sky at night.

The stars of the Southern Cross adorn our national flag. 

Ancient stories, myths and legends are told and retold in every culture across the planet, of stars and planets we see in the night sky. Our own indigenous people, the custodians of our land for more than 65,000 years, tell Dreamtime stories of emus who guard the land and why the morning sun is red.

For all these reasons, it’s no wonder my astrophotography photos are some of my most popular and among the most requested for my exclusive commissions. 

And there is absolutely, without doubt, no better place to take astrophotography photos than the Australian Outback. Our night skies are adorned with stars and celestial bodies you just cannot see anywhere else in the world.

The Southern Cross, Alpha Centauri and the Tarantula Nebula (to name but a few) can only be seen in our southern skies. And I can’t even begin to describe the magnificence of the astrophotography photos of the Milky Way. 

This is all in my backyard and via the astrophotography prints I have for sale, I can share my glorious night skies with you.