Animals and Wildlife stock photos

Ask people from around the world what they think of when you mention Australia and chances are they’ll say beaches or our wildlife. While we’re a bit short of beaches in the Outback, what we do have is an abundance of wildlife.

And there’s lots to be said about the unique and wonderful wildlife inhabiting our great big island at the bottom of the world. There’s the quintessential Aussie animals such as kangaroos, koalas, echidnas and emus. But there’s so much more to see… and to photograph.

As an Outback photographer, building up a substantial wildlife stock photo series has proven to be quite an adventure. Settling in and waiting for the earth to greet the dawn or the Milky Way to show off quite spectacularly once the sun makes way for the moon is one thing. To photograph the wildlife of the Australian Outback is quite another. 

Imagine an eagle in full flight. Unsuspecting prey in sight. Wings pulled back majestically, muscled legs holding talons at the ready. This massive bird of prey slowly easing its body towards the object it has had in its sights for many minutes now.

Or a flock of grey and pink galahs, gathered én masse as the day draws to an end. Preening and chattering loudly (possibly each thinking how utterly gorgeous they are). A bright pink speck against the vast, dry landscape beyond.

Majestic eagles. Squawking galahs. Kangaroos dozing under a tree. A fat goanna marching across the scalding sands. A mother emu wrangling her chicks.

These are the sights, sounds and animals, the wildlife, in my backyard. And I’m so happy to share them with you.