Outback dawn and dusk photos

The dawn and dusk are such special times. These brief, twilight moments between night and day. 

As our planet hurtles through space and time, she stops and greets the sun anew each morning. With just the briefest of whispered g’day, the sky turns red, yellow, gold, pink and orange. The earth is still and quiet as she pays silent reverence to the sun.

And a new day is about to begin, filled with the hope and promise of what lies ahead.

Or at dusk, with the day drawing to a close. Capturing the pinks, purples, violets and blues of an Outback dusk in photos (for a photographer) is the perfect way to farewell the day and welcome the night. 

The sun peeking over the horizon. Or gleaming through clouds. Deep golden hues caressing the vast, open landscape.

Silhouettes of the Outback framed within the beauty of the dawn and the dusk. Windmills (a favourite), water tanks, birds and animals. All take on an almost otherworldly-ness when framed against the backdrop of a sun waxing or waning in the sky.

I must have photographed these breathtaking moments thousands of times. And yet, each time when I think I’ve never seen a dawn or dusk more beautiful than the one I’m bearing witness to at this very moment, Mother Nature winks and whispers that she’ll see me again tomorrow.

And I better be ready because she has something special. Just for me. And now, for you too.

So with camera in hand, this Outback photographer settles in to capture another dawn and another dusk to share with the world.