Yellow-billed Spoonbill (Platalea flavipes/Threskiornithidae)



With the extra water around the ridges, we received the best kind of extra visitors

The unusual spatula-shaped bill of the Yellow-billed Spoonbill is a feeding adaption which allows the bird to specialise in foraging for invertebrates in deep, muddy water. Instead of searching for food by looking for it, the sensitive tip of the spoonbill’s bill allows the bird to feel for its food instead. The spoonbill walks through the water, sweeping its bill from side to side in a series of arcs or crescent-shaped movements, and when it detects a small creature, it is quickly grabbed and swallowed.

During breeding season, the facial skin is outlined in black, the lacy outer wing plumes are tipped black and there are long hackles on its upper breast. Out of breeding, the face is yellow with no black outline and the lacy plumes and hackles are reduced or absent.”

Fun facts: Yellow-billed Spoonbills rarely uses salt water and can be found in freshwater wetland, dams, lagoons. Particularly in suitable areas in northern Australia.

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ann britton photography fine art print
Fine Art Prints

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Framed Canvas Prints

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Crystal Blocks

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Floating Acrylics

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Metal / Aluminium Mounts

Mounted with a floating effect your thin lightweight metal print is brilliant for larger prints. A high gloss finish looks stunning and modern.

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Prints on Glass

Wall prints on glass gives luminous colours and fascinating depth. Glass wall prints are produced on 6mm toughened glass and come complete with concealed mounts, fixings, and instructions for installation.


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