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Clouds make magic skies

Even if there is no possibility of rain from some clouds we receive, they make for lovely sunrises and sunsets
BRA_5753 cloudy sunrise Goodwood
29 November, so much cloud that the sunrise was a non event
BRA_5765 before sunrise Goodwood windmill
30 November magic colours and a breeze to start another warm day
IMG_7107 sunset Goodwood
A golden glow to finish daylight on the 3rd of December
BRA_5850 sunset cloud Goodwood
Pretty cloud helps the sun make the end of the day look wonderful on the 4th December
BRA_5852 sunrise cloud Goodwood
Cloud always makes sunrises look special and this morning, the 5th of December is no different….
BRA_5856 sunrise Goodwood cloud
……anyone that has held a camera long enough will tell you when taking photos, to shift, move, change position for a different perspective. This morning 5th December sunrise after I moved, a little.

  1. Greg Phelan 

    You are soooo Beautiful person!!

  2. annbritton 

    You kind Sir are too generous with your opinion of me, but thanks Greg

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