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G’day my name is Ann, my passion for photography began in 1981, as I tried to capture the lifestyle, the history and the memories of my Outback experiences and life.

My aim is to portray my love of the land and the bush way of life in photographs. Capturing natural light is my passion and challenge, in the wide open spaces and big sky country I live in.

I hope that through my photography, I can make others feel and share my deep connection with the Outback.

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Ann Britton’s BLOG

img_1568-cardinia-cultural-centre “Outback Photographer Visits Gippsland” - Some of my social media followers may have wondered why I was visiting Melbourne at the beginning of October....I have been meaning to explain myself....but now I don't have to because a very generous paper from Victoria "The Gippslander" (there is a good story behind the name of the paper) Read More
sep_1516 A touch of Mammatus in the evening sky (Goodwood 18 September) - Right place right time....when I went to shut the chooks up this evening, just on sunset....there was some amazing cloud shapes in the western sky. 6.36 pm On our BOM calendar for this month there are some mammatus clouds....and I am thinking that this small patch of cloud could possibly Read More
AUG_0369 Moonset Sunrise (Scarsdale 19 August) - Heading west to get to the cattle yards on Scarsdale to truck steers at 4 minutes to 7....and this was the view. Surrounded by that lovely pink tone....the amazing power of this planet needs to be thought about every now and then. Slipping into the cloud closer to the horizon Read More
BRA_9301 Change of Colours in #BigSkyCountry within 12 Hours - As long as I live out here I'm pretty sure that I won't ever stop being amazed by the colour changes that Mother Nature paints on our skies. All these photos were taken on the 21 May between 6.39.44am to 6.19.54pm 6.39.44am 7.09am is sunrise, I find the best colour in Read More

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Map of where Ann Britton is based in comparison to Brisbane